Where is your next travel destination?

Explore the world through your friends' photos

See where your friends have traveled to and compare that with where you have been. The size of the dots indicates how many friends have been to that destination and the number of photo albums for you to browse.

Get inspired by friends' pictures from destinations we select for you

Enter our "Dream" mode to enjoy visual summaries of your friends travels for destinations. It's like a visual travel magazine with content from your people you trust!

Discover interesting destinations? Want to go in the future?

Collect experiences from different friends by clicking the "add to bucket list" button. (Fyi, only you can see the photos in your bucket list).
visual trip itinerary

Your Bucket List

Find all your collected photos under "Bucket lists" in your profile. All your collected photos from different friends are automatically saved by destination in the same bucket list.
add notes to your visual trip plan

Create a fun visual itinerary seamlessly

With the first photo you add to your bucket list, a visual trip plan is created for you. Keep collecting photos and we add it to the same bucket list. When you are ready for your trip, see all the photos you've collected for a destination by selecting that bucket list.
See an example

Ready for your trip? Build on your visual itinerary

Add bookmarks or links from sites across the web and add your personal notes (example: your flight itinerary) to your collected photos. Your visual plan is a single place for all your trip content - no need for printouts!
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